Open Collective

Open Collective

A new era is upon us.

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What's New?

Cooperation Denton is in the process of transferring all funding to Open Collective.

What Is Open Collective?

Open Collective is a funding platform that accepts individual and recurring donations. Instead of a simple bank withdrawal system (like GoFundMe), Open Collective uses an invoicing/receipt reimbursement system that allows for full transparency about each and every use of funds. It also allows this to be coordinated through a fiscal host, allowing organizations like Cooperation Denton to exist and use funds for community projects without establishing their own hierarchical entity. Watch the video below to learn more about Open Collective.

Why Does This Matter?

  • It allows us to accept donations in a single place with no limits to the funds we can raise.
  • It allows us to withdraw from those donations for a specific, transparently documented purpose.
  • It automatically keeps our books in order (a service provided by the fiscal host).

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